Early Years: 

Born in October 1989, Adam began singing at the age of 6 and hoped one day he would be able to make music that people would listen to and enjoy. Although born in 1989, Adam is obsessed with 80's music, being greatly inspired by artists such as 'Madonna', 'Prince', 'Janet Jackson', 'Melba Moore', 'Bobby Brown', 'Evelyn "Champagne" King', 'Aretha Franklin' and many more...

Writing The Album: 

Having gained such a huge amount of inspiration from 80's music, Adam has been hard at work writing and recording his own songs for his debut album and in 2008 he released his 1st single 'Be With You' as a digital download via the internet, it was received really well, finishing 6th place in the 'Puma Fragrances Competition' and gaining play from many DJs in clubs all over the world.

Due to the overwhelming support and love for his first release, Adam decided to release the song on CD-single through his website as a thank you to all the fans that have supported him and in early 2010 he re-released 'Be With You' with a handful of brand new remixes from Bassmonkeys, Tiano, Arenna & Polish Rumble. The song has since been reproduced and re-recorded for his upcoming album!

In 2021 Adam will be releasing his debut album 'Frequency', the album will include various tracks written by himself and he is currently working with a handful of amazing producers to get the right mix of songs.


Talking about his influences Adam said "I think I love 80's music so much because it was just the best time for music, most songs from the 80's are just classics and still stand the test of time today. It's a shame that this kind of music isn't as popular today and I want to include influences from this era on my album".
With the release of his debut album pending, Adam is hoping people will support it, buy it and genuinely enjoy it. "I just want my music to be listened to and enjoyed by as many people as possible. There are so many artists out there who are just handed deals on a plate and are only interested in the fame, and they don't love and respect music for what it truly is. Hence the reason why I am trying my hardest to do everything through my own website and be my own manager".